Teachable Moments

Strengthening Children’s Intuition Through Truth

Children are intuitive beings and their intuitive abilities deserve to be respected and cultivated through reverence and truth.

When children’s intuition is not honored and recognized as true knowledge, their abilities begin to dwindle. The potential to recognize intuition may eventually become only a small internal whisper, a nagging feeling that they try to shake as they grow older. Sooner or later, if this process continues, they forget that they have an intuition at all. They ignore the wisdom that radiates from within.

This is disempowering. It disconnects children from an integral aspect of their being. It is disembodying.

We want children who are embodied and empowered. While there are many ways to nurture children’s intuition, I will be talking specifically about the importance of truth.

Strive to be True with Your Kids

Human beings have an electromagnetic energy zone, called the biofield, surrounding their bodies. Understanding this energy layer is important because our individual biofield interacts with the biofields of other people when we are in close proximity to them.

 “…These energy fields are in continuous interaction with the multiplicity of energy fields in the environment, it appears that information about nonlocal events and process is conveyed back to the body and processed as intuition.” Heart-Brain Interactions, Psychophysiological Coherence, and the Emergence of System-Wide Order” 

Children can intuitively feel when they are lied to. They can sense that the information they are receiving is not in alignment with the truth they feel inside. They can tell something is off.

However, you as the parent are in a position of great power and influence. Children, especially when young, have an inborn and established inclination to trust you. In fact, you have been building this trust-based relationship since your baby was born. Every time your baby cried and you responded with care, you nurtured trust. This familial trust empowered your baby to feel that they could trust the world.

Trust is the foundation from which your child will be able to go forth in the world and succeed. When you lie, your child’s natural response is to trust you, even if it goes against their intuition. Over time, children become confused by these mixed messages. They begin trusting spoken word over actions and internal messages. They start doubting their intuition. They no longer think it is the source of truth. They disconnect from their bodily wisdom. They learn to ignore their intuition. They become disembodied.

When you strive to be truthful with your child, you will strengthen their intuition and you will strengthen your relationship.