Teachable Moments 

I believe in making knowledge visible. I want you to understand what is happening in your child’s brain/body so that you can better understand how it manifests in behavior.

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I provide a sampling of free articles. In order to gain full access to the wealth of knowledge I have gained as a Child Development Specialist please subscribe. I post biweekly on topics such as emotional regulation and the neuroscience behind behavior. In addition, I offer general tools to utilize during instances of challenging behavior. This is a wonderful place to start if you would like to empower your family in inspiring new ways.
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Let’s Dive Deeper

Do you often feel stressed when moving through the flow of daily life with your child?

Do you feel a lack of confidence in guiding/disciplining your child?

Does your child display behaviors that are challenging for you?

Do you want your child’s day to be filled with nurturing interactions and empowering experiences?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then let’s dive right in and work together!

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