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The Blessings of Safe Co-sleeping

Is co-sleeping dangerous?

It certainly has been purported to be perilous by health professionals and some researchers. However, the facts do not add up when you dive into the dirty depths of research declaring the dangers of co-sleeping.

The truth lies in what feels right for families. Many families practice safe co-sleeping.

When I began working with families, I found that despite recommendations urging parents not to co-sleep, many caregivers did so anyway using safe co-sleeping strategies. Originally, these families felt uncomfortable telling me that they co-slept with their babies because they feared I would judge them or try to dissuade them from doing so. These families explained to me why they choose this path. As I listened I began to see a common thread of insight and my mindset shifted.

These families had tried alternatives to co-sleeping and found them to be disharmonious with their lives. When they tried these other options, they felt disempowered as parents and disembodied from their inherent wisdom and intuition.

My experience was similar to a study on the website, Gentle Parenting, that found that out of 600 parents, 46% lied about co-sleeping with their newborn baby out of fear of being judged.

Regardless of your preconceived notions on co-sleeping, I invite you to read this article and listen to your intuition.

Trust in what feels right for your family. When you are aligned with your innate intelligence, intuition will guide you.
Benefits of Co-Sleeping
Safe co-sleeping brings a blessing of benefits to both babies and caregivers. For many families, co-sleeping is the best choice as long as they ensure a safe environment.

Dr. James McKenna, a sleep and SIDS researcher, claims that co-sleeping is safer than crib sleeping. He arrived at this conclusion based on his research showing that babies have a steadier heart beat and breathing rate when bed-sharing. He also found that babies who co-sleep are more likely to sleep on thei...

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