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Nurture and empower your relationship to yourself and your child 

My work is imbued with the wealth of knowledge that has come from my years of experience working in the realm of child and family development. It is a culmination of direct hands-on experience as well as a theoretical and research-based education developing an understanding of the communication behind children’s behavior

Parenting Guidance FAQ

Sometimes it feels like parenting is more perspiration than inspiration. How do I rekindle the spark I once had for parenting?

Is your work focused more on infants or toddlers?

I've heard about "teachable moments"? What are they and what do I do with them? 

What does it mean to be an "authentic parent" or "authentic child'?

Can you describe what "effective parenting" means or looks like? I'd like to know that I'm doing it right.

Why do you write so much about neuroscience and child development?

What You Receive 

VIP members gain access to all of my articles, videos, playlists and projects.

Education on child development, neuroscience, and parenting

Positive Discipline strategies for challenging behavior

Ideas for activities to support child development

Ideas for creating calm within the chaos of child rearing

You will also receive a free 15 min consultation call

or, if you prefer, a free brief email consultation.

Invitation for illumination and inspiration

From a foundational knowledge of child development, you will feel more confident in the decisions you make as a guide for your child. I offer paradigm shifts on how you think of your children’s behavior and it is in these shifts that you will learn effective parenting strategies. My parenting guidance and suggestions are subtle shifts in perception, language and behaviors that will nurture you and your child to live an empowered life.


The Inspired Parenting Membership Goals

To empower your authentic presence as a parent.

To offer wisdom that will guide you in identifying what your child is trying to communicate.

To lead you to a place where you find yourself as an inherently valuable guide.

To nurture you in cultivating authenticity and alignment from within so you can guide your children from an empowered state.

As Part of The Membership

I will honor your innate intelligence as a parent to inspire your family’s ability to thrive.

I will help you wake up each morning ready to meet life, excited to be present in the moments that arise with your family.

I will help you face those moments of chaos and see them as teachable moments, invaluable times when your guidance shapes your child’s blossoming brain.

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