About Aimee & Nurture Empower

My unfolding journey as a Child and Family Development Specialist has led me through various experiences within the realm of early childhood education. I have had the opportunity to work in numerous preschools with varying educational approaches. I have worked with children who have imaginations that soar, who are intrinsically inquisitive, who are loved leaders. I have learned alongside these children in schools designed to support challenging behaviors, learning disabilities, and Autism.


All children display behaviors you may find challenging. These behaviors are communication. In a world driven by verbal communication we need to remember that children have not yet built a repertoire of language to communicate what they feel, need, and desire. Instead, this communication manifests as behavior.

During my work as a Child and Family Development Specialist, I have observed that many challenging behaviors arising at home do not get expressed in the classroom. Often, I hear that children behave substantially better in the classroom than at home.

It does not have to be so.

I have developed the ability to understand children’s unique communication and so can you. Once you are able to identify the communication happening behind a child’s behavior it is possible to develop effective strategies to nurture acceptable behavior and empower healthy development.

My goal as a Child and Family Development Specialist is not to tell you how to parent but to offer wisdom that will guide you in identifying what your child is trying to communicate. My goal is to lead you to a place where you find yourself as an inherently valuable guide. Books and educators offer seeds that are beneficial but you, as the parent, are the only one who can nurture those seeds into fruition.


On your journey, I will spark the process of cultivating those seeds in a way that is unique to what your family needs. I will honor your innate intelligence as a parent to inspire your family’s ability to thrive. My words are an invitation of illumination on child development. I believe that from a foundation of child development you will feel more confident in the decisions you make as a guide. I will offer paradigm shifts on how you think of your children’s behavior and it is in these shifts that you will learn effective parenting strategies.

We have developed a disconnect between thinking and feeling and this results in parenting from an unaligned space. By diving into the waves of thought, we can divine knowledge from the feelings that ebb and flow from within. Just as life is a continual coursing flow, so are your thoughts and feelings, which expand outward and beam their light on your children.

I will help you find alignment within yourself so you can guide your children from an empowered state.


I will help you wake up each morning ready to meet life, excited to be present in the moments that arise with your family, whether they are moments of challenge or synchronization. I will help you face those moments of chaos and see them as teachable moments, invaluable times when your guidance shapes your child’s blossoming brain.